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Week 3 - Day 10

Meet at base gym @ 3:15 PM


  1. Lead Leg snap downs along the side of hurdles

  2. High Knees of hurdles

  3. Under-Overs

  4. Trail leg with 3 hurdles

  5. Right Leg

  6. Left Leg

  7. Both (alternating)

  8. Can-Can drill

  9. Hurdle stretches (hold for 10 seconds, do 3x with each leg)

  10. On the floor

  11. Trail leg stretch with hurdle

  12. Lead leg stretch with hurdle 

Workout (Easy Day)

  1. Attacking and form (the goal is to not take choppy steps but to maintain stride) 

    1. Hurdle Drills (5 of  everything)

    2. Go over 1 hurdle at IM height (5x)

      1. Focus on form

    3. Go over 2 hurdles at IM height (5x)

    4. Stretch

  2. Striding and attacking (circuit)

    1. Hurdle drills (4 of everything)

    2. One hurdle going in each direction down the hallway (at high hurdle height if they are able to)

    3. Both hurdles should be place in the center of the hallway

    4. They start at the end of the hallway and work on the stride and speeding up and attacking the hurdle and continue going around to come back and attack the 2nd hurdle (8x)

      1. This should be done at 80% speed

      2. No more than 3min rest between each

  3. Stretch at end


  1. Planks: 3 x 90 seconds

  2. Pushups 3 x 15

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