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About Wild Alaska

Info about the company, the site and its founder.

About Us

Wild Alaska is a web design studio founded by designer and programmer David Brannan. We create simple, readable websites, intranets, and extranets with W3C standards compliant content management systems.

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Using a widget we wrote for Assetnow we are able to keep all our photos in sync with our Flickr updates. The widget works to pull sets and photos directly from Flickr, thus all photos you view here are not on our server.

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101 Things About Me

A collection of odd trivia and facts those close to me may not even know. My preferences may change in a month or two, but I probably won't update this list for years.

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Please use e-mail as your first contact option, generally we will reply within the hour, however due to international time differences allow up to 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

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